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Use the instructions below to assist you in creating your event. If you have additional questions please contact us.

The Title Of Your Event

  • The title of your event should be short and sweet, do not include any information, dates, times or content besides the title of the event. All the other information will be added elsewhere. An example of a good title would be. "Fall Foliage Run" or "Vets For Pets"

Select The Category That Best Fits Your Event 

  • You will need to select one of the predefined categories for your event to be placed in, if you event does not fall neatly into one of the categories simply select the one that is closest to your event. You will not be able to assign your event to multiple categories. If you feel a category should be added to the calendar please contact us using the contact us page and let us know. 

Date (Begin & End)

  • The date and time are both selected by clicking or tapping the orange calendar icon. From here you can select your start date and end date as well as start time and end time of your event. If you are planning to schedule events in future months or years please use those filters at the top of the select date popup.

Describe Your Event In Detail

  • Here you can provide us as much detail as you like about your event but we recommend at least 2 paragraphs describing the event and what will be going on at the event. You do not need to tell the date, time, location or any other pertinent details you are already including in other sections of this form. This is only to be used to describe what will be happening at the event, who it's for, is it family friendly and so on. Only plain text will be accepted for this section of the website and this will not back link to other sites. To include a back link use the Event URL field.

Upload your image file here

  • Here you can select a file or drag and drop a file from your local computer as a flyer to be uploaded with your event. We recommend that the image be taller than wider like a standard flyer. The image must be a .jpg or .jpeg file extension and needs to be under 2mb in size. Once you have selected the file it will upload and then provide a success message (Image Uploaded) once it is uploaded. If you do not see a success message your file is too large or the wrong file type and IT WILL NOT BE UPLOADED. If you're unfamiliar with changing image types or determining what type of image you have you can use this tool to convert your image into a .jpg file. https://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-jpg (This is a 3rd party website that Rider Nation has no affiliation with)

The Location Of Your Event

  • Here you can let us know the location of your event, its important to note that the location of the event is not the title of the event, and it is not the physical address address of the event. It is the actual "Location". For example, "Walmart Parking Lot" or "Parking Lot By Staples" or "Civic Center Parking Lot". This is to give other visitors a general idea of the location of your event and where people will be gathering for the event. Do not include the physical address, this comes later!

Physical Street Address Of Your Event

  • This is the street address for the location of your event, for example if your "Location" is Walmart Parking lot then provide the physical street address of that Walmart. For example "5054 NY-23" or "330 Pony Farm Road" or "30 Church Street". Do not include any information besides the exact street address. The city, state and zipcode will be added later! 

City, State & Zip

  • Here you will enter the remaining details of the physical address you started on the previous section. Enter the city, enter the state (abbreviated state letters, for example NY for New York or FL for Florida) and the 6 digit zip code.

Contact Name, Phone, Email & URL

  • This is where you will enter the details of the person or organization hosting the event. If you are the one hosting the event then enter your own contact information. You are required to add a phone number and email address so that we can contact you should an issue with your event come up and so that attendees who want more information on this event can contact you. Rider Nation is not responsible for managing your events for you . The event URL is optional but we do recommend that if you include a link any additional information you have about your event, for example a facebook event page or website for the venue the event is being held at. 

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