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Updating Your Cardo Packtalk Firmware Made Easy

Amongst my friends, I'm the PackTalk pusher. I'm always trying to get my friends to get one so when we ride, we can talk. I also end up upgrading them for a lot of my friends when they stop over to Fiona's (Our Man Cave) before a ride. I figured I'd put this post together for the folks who want to do it themselves.

As motorcycle enthusiasts, we know that Cardo Packtalk devices are like the trusted sidekicks we never knew we needed. They keep us connected with fellow riders, provide GPS directions, and let us rock out to our favorite tunes while cruising. To keep your trusty sidekick in top form and access the latest features, it's essential to update your Packtalk firmware. In this blog post, I'll guide you through the process of updating your Cardo Packtalk firmware, so you can enjoy smooth communication during your rides.

Step 1: Getting to Know Your Firmware's "Age"

Before updating, let's find out your Cardo Packtalk's current firmware version. Turn on your device and press the "Phone" and "Intercom" buttons simultaneously for a few seconds. The device will reveal its firmware version like a proud toddler announcing their age. Alternatively, you can check the version in the Cardo Connect app under the "Device Settings" tab.

Step 2: Download the Cardo Update Tool – The Magic Wand

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Riding a Motorcycle with your Dog!


This blog is going to cover everything I've learned about riding a motorcycle with your dog. I really like writing blogs that saves my readers money or time, since I've done a ton of research on this and purchased and tried lots of products, maybe I will save you some time. If you feel I have, leave a comment below and share this post!

First of all I never thought I was a little dog kinda guy until we got Pixel. We always had big dogs and as they started to get older we started looking for another dog. We found Pixel and we immediately fell in love with her. We think she is a Long Nosed Chihuahua, Rat Terrier Mix (in case you're wondering). You might be asking yourself, if we love her so much why would we put her on a motorcycle? Well trust me there are debates on the internet about this and certainly my own internal struggle with letting her ride or not. But if you only knew how much she truly loves riding, you could not deny her. She literally freaks out when she sees my Harley, demands to get on it and only shuts up when you put her on it. I actually think she needs the wind in her face as much as I do. I should point out that normally Pixel is kinda shy and timid and gets scared and starts to shake over random things, but not the bike, she's a natural.