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Breaking in new tires on your motorcycle

Breaking in new tires

Today my son was moving my motorcycle into the garage with her brand new tires and the ground was a little wet. The back tire kicked out on him a little bit when he came around the corner because they were a little slippery. Fiona and my son are fine but I thought it would be a good blog post discussing why and what to do about it! Breaking in new tires on your motorcycle is an essential but often overlooked aspect of maintaining optimal riding performance and safety. Here's a detailed guide on why and how to properly break in your motorcycle tires.

Why Break in New Tires?

  1. Remove the Release Agent: New tires are coated with a release agent, a type of lubricant used during manufacturing to prevent the tires from sticking to their molds. This coating can make the tires slick when they are brand new. The break-in process helps to wear off this slippery layer, improving the tires' grip and stability.

  2. Increase Grip and Stability: Once the release agent is worn off, the tires start to offer more traction as the shiny and smooth initial surface is replaced by a rougher, grippier texture. This is crucial for safe handling, especially during turns.

  3. Even Wear: Gradual break-in helps the tires wear more evenly, which can extend their lifespan. Abrupt and aggressive riding on new tires can lead to uneven wear patterns and reduce the overall life of the tires.

  4. Safety: The initial 100 (I'm extra careful for more like 150 miles, oh wait I'm always careful) miles on your new tires are crucial for safety. New tires may react differently under braking and cornering. A proper break-in period allows you to get accustomed to the feel and response of your new tires in various riding conditions.

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